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"Semper Fidelis"
"Always Faithful"
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Becoming A Young Marine 
Recruit Training 
All Young Marine recruits participate in a “boot camp” type program.  Training begins with recruits attending a few Saturday training drills  before attending  a 3 day/2 night "Recruit Challenge camp out"  at Canyon Rv. Park, Anaheim.  This rigorous training instills a sense of pride and personal accomplishment that forms a basis of a new-found confidence and self-esteem. Upon the completion of recruit training is Graduation Day.  This is a proud, rewarding, and memorable occasion in the life of every recruit. It is the day when the distinguished title “Young Marine” is bestowed.  Once a recruit becomes a YOUNG MARINE opportunities for promotion, travel and leadership begin.
Activities And Training 
Instruction covering citizenship, leadership, close order drill, physical fitness, school, and home activities are given to all Recruits/Young Marines. They also participate in community service, parades, color guards, camping, hiking, swimming, and field trips.
Drug Awareness
In July 1993 the United States Marine Corps designated the Young Marines Program as “the focal organization for fulfilling its participation in the Department of Defense’s drug demand reduction activities.” Recruits/Young Marines make a pledge to maintain a drug free lifestyle, and to encourage others to do the same.  Drug Demand Reduction classes on taught on a quarterly basis. 
How Much Does It Cost To Join? 
The cost varies  for each unit. The MCAS Tustin Young Marines charge $350.00 to join. Of the $350.00, we issue a Recruit Manual, 5 Unit T-shirts, 1 set of PT Gear with unit logo (sweatpants, shorts, T-shirt, sweatshirt and watch cap), 1 cover, full camouflage uniform including patches, name tapes, belt and boot bands (boots not included), 1 graduation photo and registration to National Young Marines Headquarters, California Regiment - 6th Division, California 5th Battalion, and MCAS Tustin Young Marines, including accident insurance for one year. (The accident insurance only covers each registered member on Young Marine events or functions).  Annual re-registration occurs in August.  The cost of annual re-registration is $50. 
Interested in joining or need more information?

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