Community Service Hours

  Young Marines:  To sign up for Bingo - go through your chain-of-command.  Below is the list of Young Marines who are signed up for this month's Bingo. If your name is NOT listed below, you are not required to attend. It is optional.  If your name IS listed below, you are required to attend. Parents are welcome to stay.  Remember, community service hours are required for promotions!  

Currently on hiatus

Bingo Sign Up Sheet

2nd Thursday of each month 1815 - 2000 Hours (6:15 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.)
Help with Bingo at Long Beach VA  Community Living Center - Bldg 133 
(located behind Long Beach VA Hospital)DOWNLOAD DIRECTIONS

Anticipate traffic and allow sufficient travel time!

Uniform:  Red Unit T-shirt, blue jeans, YM belt, running shoes.  No covers.