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This page was last updated: 9 February, 2019

Absences need to be reported before 
ALL Young Marine Events

Remember, it is YOUR responsibility (not your parents') to report your absence.  

Use the Remind app to notify the unit of your absence.  

If you do not have the Remind app loaded/set up yet, call the unit voicemail at  1-714-460-9216.  Speak clearly. State your name, rank and the REASON for your absence.  

Or, you can email us at  

It is also YOUR responsibility to find out, through your chain-of-command, any pertinent information that you may have missed, due to your absence.Failure to report your absence will result in a UA (Unauthorized Absence).  Three (3) UA's and you will be placed in-active.  

A Young Marines' inability to pay (dues/camp out fees/ SPACES) due to financial hardship is NOT a valid reason to be absent or miss an event.  The Young Marine, or their parent, is to contact the Adjutant, through the Remind app, unit voice-mail or email, to discuss suitable arrangements. 
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*Reminder* All YMs must have breakfast at home!

23 February


Regulars & Recruit Graduation

Recruit Graduation at 1330 (1:30pm) at ALP

Check-In: 0745
Dismissal: 1400

Recruits: White T-shirt, blue jeans, belt, go fasters and Hydration

Regulars: PT gear  (bring Cammies, Polished Boots, guidebook  and Hydration)

$10.00 for chow


Cabrillo Park
1820 E. Fruit Street
Cabrillo Park Dr & E. Fruit Street
Santa Ana Ca 92705

If it rains, we will meet at... 

American Legion Post 131 (ALP)
1404 N. Grand Ave
Santa Ana Ca 92701