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This page was last updated: 18 October, 2016

2016 TUYM Schedule (revised as of 9 Feb 2016)​
Always refer to website information (above) for changes/updates.  

Absences need to be reported before 
ALL Young Marine Events
Remember, it is YOUR responsibility (not your parents') to report your absence.  Call the unit voicemail at  1-714-460-9216.  Speak clearly. State your name, rank and the REASON for your absence.  
Or, you can email us at  It is also YOUR responsibility to find out, through your chain-of-command, any pertinent information that you may have missed, due to your absence.Failure to report your absence will result in a UA (Unauthorized Absence).  Three (3) UA's and you will be placed in-active.  A Young Marines' inability to pay (dues/camp out fees/ SPACES) due to financial hardship is NOT a valid reason to be absent or miss an event.  The Young Marine, or their parent, is to contact Adjutant, Mrs. Painter, through unit voice-mail or email, to discuss suitable arrangements. 
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Upcoming Events
All Hands:


Upcoming Events:

Drill at Army Reserve Facility - 29 Oct

Check In - 0900  Dismissal - 1500
Bring $5 for chow

Check in uniform - PT Gear​
Bring full cammie uniform


The airline tickets for Pearl Harbor have been purchased! We now need to ask all parents for the final $400 payment so we can book our hotel. Please make the payment at our next drill on 29 Oct.

If this causes financial hardship for you, please contact Mr. Painter and we will do our best to make a payment plan.


 This year will be the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. We are planning to attend and participate in the parade on December 7, 2016

Anticipated cost per Young Marine for Pearl Harbor is $500. We will need a $100 deposit for each Young Marine by 24 September so we can purchase airline tickets.

Anticipated trip dates are fly out Monday, 5 December, return Friday, 9 December. Note that this will mean missing a full week of school, so make sure your school is notified and that they support this historic trip. 


Bingo - Long Beach VA Hospital

Thursday, 10 Nov

Check in Time -1815, Dismissal - 2015

Call/Text Lcpl Moquin or Painter to sign up to help at this event. 

Uniform - Red Unit T, Jeans, Go Fasters

5901 E 7th St, Long Beach, CA 90822

We meet at the Community Living Center, Building 133. Drive around to the back of the hospital.

​​REQUIRED for Regulars:
Project Alert--must complete and turn in certificate
8 hours of DDR credit only given in month the course was completed
​Physicals now due see Parents tab to ensure that you are up to date. YM's not allowed on deck without a current physical​​