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This page was last updated: 27 September, 2014
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Always refer to website information (above) for changes/updates.  

Absences need to be reported before 
ALL Young Marine Events
Remember, it is YOUR responsibility (not your parents') to report your absence.  Call the unit voicemail at  1-714-460-9216.  Speak clearly. State your name, rank and the REASON for your absence.  
Or, you can email us at  It is also YOUR responsibility to find out, through your chain-of-command, any pertinent information that you may have missed, due to your absence.Failure to report your absence will result in a UA (Unauthorized Absence).  Three (3) UA's and you will be placed in-active.  A Young Marines' inability to pay (dues/camp out fees/ SPACES) due to financial hardship is NOT a valid reason to be absent or miss an event.  The Young Marine, or their parent, is to contact Adjutant, Mrs. Yeung, through unit voice-mail or email, to discuss suitable arrangements. 
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Upcoming Events:


Drill:    11-Oct
Staff Meeting : 08:00
Regulars:    08:45-15:00

Fresh haircut, pressed, complete uniform, polished boots and all items listed under the reference page:  FOR REGULARS ONLY Drill 

Bingo Sign up:  Please email the unit if you are able to attend Bingo on Oct 9th.​

Physicals now due see Parents tab to ensure that you are up to date.


Tickets on Sale now through October 5th.
Please use this link to make your ticket purchases online. This is the only option available for purchasing tickets.
When purchasing tickets, please make sure to correctly enter your information to include an email address so you can receive updates. It asks what unit you are from and there are 3 different types of tickets to choose from accordingly for our records; Young Marine, Registered Adult and Guest. A mailing address is not necessary as we are not sending you anything (it is an automatic feature).

Dress code 
Young Marines - 
YM PVT to YM LCPL are to wear cammies with sleeves up and ribbons. 
YM CPL to YM SGT are to wear Charlie's with ribbons (if you do not have Charlie's, cammies are acceptable). 
YM SSGT and up are to wear Alpha's with ribbons (if you do not have Alpha's, Charlie's or cammies are acceptable). 
After the ceremony concludes, you may change into civilian attire if you wish.

Parents/Family Members

Males - slacks/dress pants with a button up collared shirt and tie are required. Coat is optional.

Females - A ball gown if fine if you would like, if not, then a dress that is not shorter than the tips of your fingers when fully extended to your side is acceptable. Also, strapless that is ill fitting with too much revealing is not acceptable and will not be allowed.

Absolutely no denim is allowed by anyone! No exceptions.