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This page was last updated: 31 March, 2015

2015 TUYM Schedule (revised as of 28 Feb 2015)​
Always refer to website information (above) for changes/updates.  

Absences need to be reported before 
ALL Young Marine Events
Remember, it is YOUR responsibility (not your parents') to report your absence.  Call the unit voicemail at  1-714-460-9216.  Speak clearly. State your name, rank and the REASON for your absence.  
Or, you can email us at  It is also YOUR responsibility to find out, through your chain-of-command, any pertinent information that you may have missed, due to your absence.Failure to report your absence will result in a UA (Unauthorized Absence).  Three (3) UA's and you will be placed in-active.  A Young Marines' inability to pay (dues/camp out fees/ SPACES) due to financial hardship is NOT a valid reason to be absent or miss an event.  The Young Marine, or their parent, is to contact Adjutant, Mrs. Yeung, through unit voice-mail or email, to discuss suitable arrangements. 
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Upcoming Events

New Recruit Boot Camp

4 April at ARF, Costa Mesa

Check in 0645 - Dismissal 1500 

Do not be late! Read your paperwork carefully and bring everything that is required. Come prepared to work hard and with a "Can Do" attitude! 

Recruit Uniform: 
White T Shirt, Jeans, Web Belt, White Socks, White Go Fasters (Running Shoes)

Last Chance Recruit Sign Up!

There is still an opportunity to sign up on the morning of 4 April. Report at 0630 with ALL paperwork filled out including up to date physical, proof of insurance and birth certificate!

Tustin Young Marine Regulars

No drill until 24 - 27 April Campout  at ARF

Physicals now due see Parents tab to ensure that you are up to date. YM's not allowed on deck without a current physical!​